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Hearing Loss

20 High Volume Jobs with a Risk of Hearing Loss

Dealing With Noise Pollution The rock band AC/DC once sang “Rock N Roll ain’t noise pollution.” Unfortunately, for many workers loud levels of unwanted noise is a daily part of the job. The major deterioration of hearing occurs during the first 5 to 10 years of employment in a noise risk environment. Occupational hearing loss is most likely to happen at one of the twenty jobs on this… Read More

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Types of Hearing Loss and How to Identify Them

Similar to vision loss, there are different types and severity levels of hearing loss. We outline the differences between them that might help you distinguish one from the other. There are different types of hearing loss and many different ways they can affect individuals. Sometimes it’s just a simple issue like excessive wax in the ear canal or a temporary ear infection, but in many cases, it… Read More

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