The Causes of Hearing Loss

There are many causes of hearing loss. Some of us are more likely to develop it sooner than others, due to both genetics and external aspects of our lifestyles.

There are a few different types of hearing loss and they can manifest from any one or combination of these factors:

  • Aging: We all get older, there’s just no fighting it. The natural deterioration of hair cells in our ears is the most common cause of sensorineural hearing loss.
  • Genetic factors: Hearing loss can sometimes be hereditary.
  • Regular exposure to loud noises: People that work in industrial settings such as a construction site or members of the military have a higher likeliness to developed a noise-induced hearing loss. Read about the top 20 loudest jobs here.
  • Illnesses and prior conditions: Diseases and conditions including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and Ménière’s disease, among others, can all be linked to hearing loss.
  • Types of medication/drugs: A side-effect of some medications, typically otoxic drugs, as well as chemotherapy may affect the ear’s nervous system, resulting in temporary or permanent damage.
  • Head trauma: Impact injuries to the ear or the head can generate different degrees of sensorineural hearing loss.